1. EnlightenedOne

    EVERY port of Kero Blaster contains a cheatcode to the debug menu. Yes really.

    First and foremost: 1. I was not the one to discover any of this. That credit belongs to @Rain who actually dug into the compiled code to uncover the details. I'm just a bystander given permission to "publicize" the findings first. 2. Complete spoiler warning for Kero Blaster. Doing this will...
  2. FortniteLover2

    How to count (in base 10)

    people see a lot of things in their every day lives, but how do they quantify the AMOUNT of things they see? the 'number', you may call it. well it's actually really easy; they use the base 10 decimal system. In base 10, there are 10 digits that can form any number of numbers...