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    Haru to Shura

    Played through the game a month ago. Yes, like said before Pixel was only involved with some parts of the game, mainly the engine, but it's still a really damn good game regardless. The story is pretty heavy, but still pretty easy to sit through and fully understand. Those expecting a...
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    RaveStory v1.62 - Soundtrack compiled in Flac and MP3 formats by Whatthepin!

    EXTREME necrobump once again, but I have updated the FLAC/MP3 OST again after 5 years. To put it simply, I compiled the mp3/flac versions of the OST when I was... not that proficient with audio, to say the least. When mastering the OST, I used the foobar2000 Organya extension to play the .org...
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    Cave Story Remix Project 2

    Apologies for the EXTREME necrobump, since I rediscovered the Remix Projects recently, but I wonder if this and the OG Remix Project will ever be released losslessly, or at least get reencoded into higher quality mp3s. Some of the songs in this sound fine since they were encoded at an okay...
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    Regarding the new allegations of misconduct from NICALiS

    Logged on for the first time in forever to say something about this. While it's merely a false rumor that Nicalis stole the Cave Story IP from Pixel, everything I read in the allegations sounds about what I expected from previous rumors floating around. There's a reason some call Nicalis the EA...
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    HλFE LIFE of Cave Story Mod(Kor sub)

    Meh, I'd rather use a patch/whatever to fix some text in a game than to make my computer almost impossible to use because I don't understand another language. That, and I believe Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 doesn't even support AppLocale.
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    HλFE LIFE of Cave Story Mod(Kor sub)

    If you guys are having trouble with the text in this mod, that's because your computer doesn't support Korean characters. However, this is an easy fix. First, download and install Locale Emulator ( Secondly, once it's installed, right click on Doukutsu.exe, go...
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    Graphics Enhancement Pack

    Is there a way to run this mod in fullscreen? If there is, I will love you immensely.
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    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    Fuck rarity, I just want me a goddamn Cave Story keychain. I don't even have a Nintendo Switch anyways.
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    Regarding 60fps.

    Uh, I'm pretty sure that's locked at 30fps.
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    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch Man, I really wish I could buy those preorder keychains separately, but Nicalis doesn't like money I guess...
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    Any way I can corrupt Cave Story?

    On that note, I think Cave Story does a CRC check on it's files when you load it up, so you're lucky if it even gets past the loading screen if the files have been dicked around with (without a modding tool, at least).
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    Cave Story for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

    The SA-1 chip (basically an enhanced SNES CPU as an expansion chip) might lift some of the processing weight off the SNES, but even then, that's a definite maybe.
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    Listen to me Nicalis, if you could release some official CS merchandise that isn't a...

    Listen to me Nicalis, if you could release some official CS merchandise that isn't a ultra-mega-super limited edition, that would be great.
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    The Cave Story OST Olympics!

    mrw I started all of this
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    Physical release?

    It would be cool if someone went the extra mile and put EVERY song from the Cave Story OST onto vinyl, including the beta/unused stuff. I mean, Bethesda had no problem spreading the whole Fallout 3 OST across 3 vinyls. But it's kinda unrealistic I guess considering costs. An included download...