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  • Any chance of fixing the macOS version of Cave Story+? It's been completely broken since Mac OS 10.9 back in 2012. I’ve listed below the various topics in the game’s community hub forum & reviews as well. https://pastebin.com/Zd8xeVyh Any response at all would be greatly appreciated.
    The fact that it's broken since 2012 says a lot about the chance of it being unbroken, I'd sooner expect a reply about just playing a different version.
    The chance of Tyrone responding to this is also probably very low.
    But he's always welcome to prove me wrong of course.
    Hey Tyrone, When are we gonna have those new weapons and new characters you promised?
    Not funny

    Didn't laugh
    Please take the situation seriously
    As a constructive suggestion: include Pixel's Cave Story Beta version into Cave Story +, the 3DS or into some other edition of Cave Story you plan to release in the future. EVERYONE would buy that :)
    Hey what is your steam name? I know its too late for the beta, but I'd like to talk t you on steam anyways :D
    So I gather you were looking at that "DOWN WITH NiCALIS" thread. First of all, I thought the title was funny. Second, the whole thing spawned out of a misunderstanding that didn't actually involve Nicalis. I'm sorry about my reaction, but now I know the truth about the whole story, and I don't actually hate Nicalis. Feel free to make yourselves at home if you decide to take on Mirai Gamer.
    Don't mind the rabid fans, i think with your previous work you know how cruel and disrespectful they can be, Thank you for your work Tyrone.
    But I hope that soon you release any kind of correction, i think that all of us (Fans, Nicalis, Pixel, etc...) wouldn't want you to sell such an imperfect product early in the beginning of the company, and disturb Pixel's reputation and the quality of his work.
    Hey, dude? You've made me very sad.

    Please, just answer me this: what were you guys thinking?
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