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  • did you make this?
    i think you should use nicalis because on even higher resolution than this, the lack of detail will be really bad.
    i thought you would actually send me what logo you want on the back and what on the front.
    im only gonna start this "project" in like a day or two...
    the shirt itself is like 7$.
    but getting a logo will cost some extra...
    and shipping.
    *stares in awe*
    You sir... are born on Pi Day.... you must use this power for good!
    Also, Happy Birthday!
    happy birthday.
    i have a machine for making tshirts with custom logos at home.
    all i need to do is make a custom logo.
    and making a tshirt with nicalis' is legal, as long as its not merchandised (sold to public)
    since im only gonna make you one its TOTALLY legal.
    theres a problem tho, i need to find someone who can print on this special paper in order to make the shirt. it will cost money.
    so only if you gurantee the buy... i can get you one ;)
    oh i use cave editor.
    ive never tried sw... just because when i opened it i got an error...
    and i didnt have the nerve to fix lol
    for saves?
    i use caveshark.
    it cant edit maps.. so you download a speedrun save and mod the weapons...
    it can change the weapons youre using, change their ammo, their level, your life, your exp, your inventory items..
    its really easy to use... probably the easiest one ive ever seen.
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