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  • Don't listen to this gay Superman.
    This forum works quite diffrent.
    Just watch S. P. Gardebiter, Jacob and almoste everyone else (excluding Mage Guy)
    You will learn.

    Oh and you got an own root? D:
    Well, I meant in the indexes and archives, where it only says who posted last. In the thread itself it would be fairly obvious that you aren't Jacob.
    You are now the Bytemaster. Congladurations.
    But the real problem is when I see that you've posted, and I'll be like "Oh neat Jacob's posted let's see what kind of rape scenes he's thought up today," but then I'll be like "Oh, it's actually the Bytemaster." But you can't do anything about it, so don't worry. I'm sure you'll redeem yourself.
    Welcome to the forums, JacaByte. Lowell and I greet all the new members, since the mods never do it. I hope we all get along and that you have fun here.
    Also your name is too close to JacobX891's. I may never forgive you.
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