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  • Ahh!! Shimmy, there are many mistakes in your first post! Fix, plz.
    Shimmyzmizz;128807 said:
    I just want to see the wind fortress. But what if there was a level that you had to play through without weapons and only a booster. That appeals to me!
    First off, WD was misspelling things as a joke.
    She's a smart lady and doesn't need your corrections.
    Which brings me to my second point: no one does.
    Look, you and I are in the same boat. We both spell words well and can put together sentences well, and errors in either of the aforementioned areas are extremely displeasing to us.
    But the thing that people don't realize is corrections of spelling and vocabulary are equally if not more annoying than the errors themselves. I know you're trying to make things better, but in reality it just gets on everyone's nerves. That's why I gave up on it years ago.
    Lol, if there is anybody's profile you should be posting it on, it's Kwote's. The large, space-taking one, of course. I don't think he knows what irony is >_>
    B- But Shimmy... I... k- know what Irony is...

    You know I was directing the comment to this:

    You don't gotta be so stuffy bro
    it's alright to be a little casual now and again.
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