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  • 1. Not true
    2. True
    3. Merlinoboy is far smarter as me, and i agmree to everything he said... Only, he said some stupid, emo, suicidal, rude, things... I'm trying to protect his name, and to be an much nicer version of him...
    Merlinoboy maybe doesn't care, but i do! Stop this nonsence. You probally didn't read the forum rules... Although you already crossed many rules already, you still have risk at getting banned...
    I've seen those words of yours on WoodenRat's profile... What if i just told my good pal merlinoboy about this? He would just say something like "(...) shadow!" knowing him...
    Well, hello there. were I at home for the past week, I would have been the first to welcome you. But, seeing as I am halfway accross the country from where I live, I couldn't. Freinds anyway?
    :3 haha maybe.

    Most of the Assembly that I do relates to weapons.

    For example (random weapon info):

    How to spawn bullets in Assembly:

    PUSH Direction
    PUSH y-position
    PUSH x-position
    PUSH Bullet type
    CALL 403F80
    add esp, 10

    0000 Left
    0001 Up
    0002 Right
    0003 Down
    0004 Center??? (may obviously not work w/ the bullet producer function)

    1: Snake Lvl. 1
    2: Snake Lvl. 2
    3: Snake Lvl. 3
    4: Polar Star Lvl. 1
    5: Polar Star Lvl. 2
    6: Polar Star Lvl. 3
    7: Fireball Lvl. 1
    8: Fireball Lvl. 2
    9: Fireball Lvl. 3
    A: Machine Gun Lvl. 1
    B: Machine Gun Lvl. 2
    C: Machine Gun Lvl. 3
    D: Missile Launcher Lvl. 1
    E: Missile Launcher Lvl. 2
    F: Missile Launcher Lvl. 3*
    10: Explosion, Super/Normal Missile Launcher lvl. 1
    11: Explosion, Super/Normal Missile Launcher lvl. 2
    12: Explosion, Super/Normal Missile Launcher lvl. 3 (?)
    13: Bubbler Lvl. 1
    14: Bubbler Lvl. 2
    15: Bubbler Lvl. 3 Bubble
    16: Bubbler Lvl. 3 Shot
    17: Blade Lvl. 3 Slash (Down Right)
    18: Falling Spike from
    19: Blade Lvl. 1
    1A: Blade Lvl. 2
    1B: Blade Lvl. 3
    1C: Super Missile Launcher Lvl. 1
    1D: Super Missile Launcher Lvl. 2
    1E: Super Missile Launcher Lvl. 3*
    1F: Explosion, Super/Normal Missile Launcher lvl. 1
    20: Explosion, Super/Normal Missile Launcher lvl. 2
    21: Explosion, Super/Normal Missile Launcher lvl. 3 (?)
    22: Nemisis Lvl. 1
    23: Nemisis Lvl. 2
    24: Nemisis Lvl. 3
    25: Spur Lvl. 2
    26: Spur Lvl. 3
    27: Spur Lvl. 3 MAX.
    Shut up. That takes actually work, something you've probably never done for your forum avatars. You're not funny.
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