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  • To the best of my knowledge I'm not aware of any such mod. Although, I'm not really the guy that plays all the mods; that'd be DoubleThink. Either way though, don't let what anybody else has done get in the way of your own creation. As long as you aren't intentionally ripping off of other mods, then it will be cool. At least half the mods here are a sequel of some kind or another.
    Well, it was actually a very minor Assembly hack. Basically, you have to find the function of the Polar Star. I'm sure there's a guide somewhere.
    I dunno. I've been here for a little while now and in my experience, spriting is something this community in particular seems to be devoid of talent in. I was awful at it too, and i got tired of not being able to find anyone that could help so I just spent hours and hours practicing until I got better.

    Still, you might be able to get a little bit of assistance. Jethawk I think is at least competent, and he might help you if you ask nicely. Just dont' expect people to be able to do the whole thing for you..
    Teehee thanks :3
    Excellent observational skills, I must say you are the first one to notice :3
    I'd love it. But put more emphasis on Noxid and Wedge of Cheese, and whoever else might have done more than tell you something that most other users know. Maybe i could make an org for you, that would make me feel better about it. "I never feel like I deserve anything"
    Sure, go right ahead. Though I can't remember at the moment what I did that would need to be acknowledged; could you remind me?
    "bumping" on a forum is the act of responding to a topic that's been inactive for a while, which automatically 'bumps' it to the top of the list. If a topic's been inactive for three years and you bump it then people typically get a bit upset here unless you had a really, really good reason for doing so. To be safe, take note of the timestamps on the last post that lets you know when it was made.
    I'm sorry that everybody flew off the handle on you but they don't stay mad, unless you keep doing it over and over.
    I'm better at the creative part than the technicle part. The fact that I learned TSC is a miracle. But happy to have another friend. :)
    Just anyone who's good at it. make sure you use the search function before asking ANYTHING, "these guys get frustrated about that stuff".
    I'm posting a visitor message since no one has posted one yet.
    If your gonna start modding, then at least have some friends on the site that specializes in it.
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