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    Affected posts are by Brite / Dr. Minty Fresh / HeCooksPattiesAndSellsThe / Catalystl / ilikebreadtoomuch / Draco / minecraftstorymodefan / Extra Life / darkruler9229

    Affected posts are in threads Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread / CS ~ Encore / game opens in 1080, occupies only the top left corner / Friday Night Funkin' / Bluebot Requisition - DEMO / Show us your desktop / Cave Story Season 2 / gacha cave story pics / Cave Story with XBRZ filter / Project Ampersand

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  • seren;143697 said:
    I'm sure it is nice and all, but the more pressing issue at hand is your avatar seems to be achieving meme status here.
    Thanks for the sentiment, but please don't provoke off-topic conversations while my infraction is still in effect, especially in the thread I got the infraction from.
    Um...are you talking to me? Post on my VM page, not yours. Otherwise I'll probably never see it. Just click the little "view conversation" link beside a message.
    Also, I'm fairly sure that you're copying GIR's avatar. >.<
    Yours is a mod that ought to survive.

    Get the reference, win an internet.
    Well, this is really late, but welcome to the forums!
    Also, you remind me of Magic9mushroom. He(?) always wanted to help test my mods, and always had something significant to say. You seem a lot like that, to me at least.
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