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  • Long review is long! My apologies. The stuff in the spoiler was written as I played.
    I know I already said some things in Skype, but...yeah.

    <div class='bbc_spoiler'>
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    <div class='bbc_spoiler_wrapper'><div class='bbc_spoiler_content' style="display:none;">-DELETE-

    I guess I'll go with "original" first. Hopefully that won't be a major error in some way...

    Oh my. That opening is...interesting! ^_^;

    I switched versions. Seems like the music and colors of the opening were changed! It's looking pretty good - I like the graphics and sound a lot.

    Oops - I think I destroyed the whole facility. Sorry! D:

    Considering nearly every graphic was changed, the default Heavy Press was kind of odd.

    Oh, I can jump higher! That's pretty neat! I wonder if I can pull off not killing anyone, but it seems too difficult to bother for the moment. There are other mods I need to I'll be slashing everything for now.

    Oh, my, I didn't even realize that the thing on the ground gives you ammo at first, so I picked up a few hundred extra completely by accident o.o

    I made it 2600 just to be fun - it's not particularly game breaking. Are some of these graphics from Yoshi's Island? =o

    Welp, Mallos fell pretty quickly. I like this sewer music :>

    Random puppies! Hi! The lack of puppyhat disappoints me :<
    The food I found made me feel better, at least.

    Aerial movement is quite fast, and it's easy to fall. I don't mind, though, it's nice to have some challenge - and the tiny platforms are quite cute :3

    Oh, hello random Sue. It's kind of dumb that your event was included at all, but oh well! Also, it's a shame that you can't really see how much health you have, but it's obvious enough when you're about to die.

    Wow so much death. Platforming is tricky. Stop the abuse of Martian puppies :<

    Oh hi sisters. You are dead now. This ending is abrupt...
    Nothing in the credits except miscoloration, strangely misplaced sprites and a bunch of characters that fall through the floor. Sadness. It was still fun, just left a strange aftertaste. Onwards we go, even now at 1 in the morning.</div></div>
    My feelings toward DELETE are a touch bittersweet. Your mod definitely leaves an amazing first impression with the dazzling animations, music, and graphics - and that impression just keeps going. It's wonderful to see just how much of this mod is purely custom content, and the actual gameplay is most certainly nothing shabby in comparison. It's solid from beginning to end in most of those respects. But it seems like there was some kind of story or significance or something that just kind of stopped. Combined with the difficult last level, easy last boss and abrupt ending, it ends up feeling a bit unfulfilling. The time limit affected nearly every entry, but I felt it with this one the most.

    That doesn't change just how much effort went into it and how fun it was to play, though. Brownie points for fixing what errors there were! You definitely deserve commendation for your entry, it's overall of excellent quality. c:
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I updated it a bit a little while ago, but the ending is still lame.
    Just dropping a comment to say that I like your avatar.
    who wouldn't
    I don't know. The cat's just simply adorable.
    Any cat that eats spaghetti is cool in my books, but linguine, no way.
    hey, before you leave again for a few months, can I use your .org "blaze" in my upcoming mod?
    Don't worry about it. Though I think S.P. just hosted it for Xaser
    Yeah that was Xaser's

    Anyway Safu, I can't remember if I asked if I wanted to use a couple of your things or not but I may as well while you're here
    Well, okay then.
    I keep forgetting about this place. If only Daisuke would become a member of these forums, learn english, and post developer commentary.
    I still love you guys, whoever you are. Even though nobody wished me a happy birthday.
    post more!
    or at least make wry remarks on other people's statuses, that works too
    *This is another pre-recorded message*
    *Please indicate if you think you'll have your area completed by the deadline roughly two days from now, or if not, how much longer than that it will take you to be completed (note that if the deadline is extended again, whatever date you give will be what everyone else will be waiting for so make it a serious one)*
    *This is a pre-recorded message*
    *The current progress on your area for the community mod project is unknown*
    *Please try to provide some indication of how close you are to completion by Monday the 21st*
    *Thank you*
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