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  • You do nothing but necrobump

    Next time you'll be like banned or something.

    Have a nice day
    I am very confused/disturbed by your signature.
    Did you really mean:
    Enemies include: Shemales, Lolis, and current Mini-Balrogs.

    Do you know what those are?????
    Hmm... I'd be inclined to say that he went to jail, right before he was about to post in those threads.
    While in there, he had to keep his ideas fresh in his mind, slowly going insane.
    As soon as he got out (one year later) he couldn't think of anything else but posting in those threads, with his responces, so he imediatly did that.
    Can you hold on the thread bumping??
    Why are you even doing it?
    You have violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.
    Dude, I'll try to say this as politely as possible, but, come on! I can clearly see that you've come here expecting that you'd be treated as a veteran. Now I don't mean to say that as a newbie you have no rights, but you need to spend some time here and build up respect to be fully accepted by other members. Now, it's clear that you put no thought whatsoever into what you're posting, instead saying whatever pops into your mind. Now listen closely: You have to contribute to the discussion, not just stand up on your chair and yell "PENGUIN!". Simply put, stop acting like an idiot and you'll stop being percieved like one.
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