Hi there, I'm Random-storykeeper, or RSK for short. I started playing Cave Story in December 2012, after being introduced to the game's soundtrack. Later I managed to get my hands on the Steam version while it was on sale in April 2015.

I'm a music composer and have created soundtracks for games that my game jam team has done. These can be found on my Bandcamp. I also participate in a couple of online music competitions, namely OHC and MusicWeeklies.

Using my ORGs

Any ORG in my archive folder is free to use in your mod if you so desire. Just be sure to attribute me as the creator of the ORG, preferably in your mod's showcase thread and somewhere in the mod (eg. a readme file or somewhere in the actual mod itself). You're not required to ask permission when using ORGs in the linked archive, unless you're planning to modify the ORG.

You can also check here for other ORGs I've posted. If the link is dead and I don't have it in the archive, it most likely just means that the ORG isn't mod compatible. I may consider uploading these ORGs and either making them ORG compatible or making them available for others to mess around with someday. :p

Mega Man music
Mega Man music is good. Well, maybe that's an understatement. I enjoy listening to it and thinking about it a lot, maybe even to an obsessive degree. :rolleyes: So far, I've only really paid attention to the classic and X series, but I feel like I'll inevitably check out the other tracks from the other Mega Man games someday.

Subject to change (obviously)

8 > 10 > 3 > 5 > 9 > 11 > MM&B > 6 > 7 > 2 > 1 > 4

X5 > X8 > X7 > X1 > X6 > X2> X3 > X4

X2 - When I first heard the Mega Man X2 OST in its entirety, there were only a couple of stage themes that popped out at me. For quite some time, it had been one of my least favourite X soundtracks in the X series. One of the most prevalent issues I've had with it is that the themes either start out really strong and kind of fizzle out completely before the loop (Wire Sponge omg), or they feel heavily truncated to the point where I wish they took a couple of these themes further (Wheel Gator is my prime example of this). There were some themes, however, that would resurface intermittently. I've had a soft spot for Crystal Snail's rhythmic bell plinks, and going back to listen to that theme, there's a lot I actually really like about it. Particularly because the metre feels so odd, yet maintains a sense of evenness that makes it easy to follow along with where the piece goes.

  • Overdrive Ostrich
  • Crystal Snail
  • Counter Hunter Stage 1
  • Staff Roll (actually one of my favourite Mega Man ending themes thus far)

V (GB) - I'll admit, there's a lot of tracks that really didn't stick out when I first listened to this all the way through. Most of the stage themes sounded like they were riffing off of one or two techniques or motifs. But of the tracks I really loved, I came back to listen to the ones I didn't really like as much and more and more, I discover hidden gems. And hey, Mega Man II (GB) basically riffs off of one theme, and that theme isn't even original to that game itself, so if I can put up with that, I'll deal with two. :p

Overall, I just love the composition of the tracks. The feelings of "outer space" seem to be captured so perfectly. I love the syncopation in "Venus", which is also reflected fantastically in the "Password" theme. This game also has a boss theme that I actually like a lot. The Wily theme is slow, dark and foreboding, and really sets a distinct mood. Tracks like "Jupiter" and "Mars", while I didn't care for them at first, have really grown on me.

  • Venus
  • Uranus
  • Shoot 'em Up stage
  • Mercury

Mega Man & Bass - This soundtrack has some really nice, melodic compositions. I honestly love the calmer, more pleasant tracks when they have the SNES instrumentation, but I will admit, there are a couple of tracks where I think the GBA instrumentation makes the compositions more appealing. Burner Man, for instance, sounds great in the GBA version, but I'm not a huge fan of the SNES one. But overall, I think the tracks in which I prefer the SNES and GBA versions do balance each other out. Besides, it's not like I absolutely hate either version (except Magic Man :awesomeface: )

I will say the only thing that really bothers me about this game's soundtrack are the boss and fortress stage themes. The King Stage track has never really done it for me, even with the intensity of the GBA instruments. I will say that I quite enjoy the Wily Castle theme, though. The bass is satisfying.

(based off the SNES version unless otherwise indicated)
  • Museum (probably one of my favourite classic tracks ever? The development of the melody is outstanding, as well are the chords)
  • Astro Man (gotta give credit to the track that sounds fantastic in both the SNES and GBA versions)
  • Ground Man (love the sax melody in this one)
  • Data Base (one of the most calming Mega Man tracks ever)

Mega Man X7
  • Just Before Red - Palace Road Stage
  • vs Mega Scorpio
  • Ride Boarski
  • Wind Crowrang

Pokémon music
My favourites thus far are:

1) Black & White
2) Sun & Moon
3) Diamond & Pearl
4) X & Y

Everything else, I haven't listened to as in depth as these ones.

Sonic music
1) Sonic CD (US + Japanese)
2) Sonic Mania and Sonic Colours...

Oh yeah and Sonic Shuffle music is real nice (by that I mean Blizzard of Coast because that's the only Shuffle track I'm familiar with)

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  • Cave Story X Mega Man
  • Iji (saved because the search feature doesn't catch on to words that are three letters or less - not sure if that changed since the migration but just in case)
  • Ib (saved for same reason as Iji)
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