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    @zxin yes indeed i am the bastard
  2. my attempt at NITW style

    my attempt at NITW style

    remember the pizza place scene or something like that? well the gang is here for some reason in a transparent background on a pizza place chair or whatever it is in the pizza places that have the cushioned seat. i also got kinda lazy when i made this lmao
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    How did your first playthrough go?

    my first run was pretty gay i don't remember it entirely but... i was on easy mode CS+ i got the booster 2.0 i had a hard time with it i saved curly, got the normal ending i had the machine gun
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    we are number one

    we are number one
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    i am the shitposter of doom

    i am the shitposter of doom
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  8. kene ded

    kene ded

    you bard
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    guess who

    guess who
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    Cave Story - Boss Rush!

    since this is a thing, someone should probably do a X-challenge sort of thing, ya know, fighting two bosses at once it would be kinda hard, but worth it
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    What do YOU think of Fidget Spinners

    why is this thread still alive
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    peetah we need to go beat up the sampsons

    peetah we need to go beat up the sampsons
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    more shitpost drawings
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