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  • I dunno man, I got it off 4chan, but a guy on Steam told me someone by the name of "Saya" drew it.
    I did not know that.
    The dark suit is a bit fancier though.
    Idk, I'm assuming there is a light suit coming my way eventually?
    Well, I have played a bunch of them, but only for like an hour bus ride (have to borrow from my buddy), MPseries are the first games in the series I have actually completed.
    Question: if I get a suit upgrade and I have fusion suit turned on, does the suit change a bit?
    Or does it stay the same?
    I haven't gotten to the plant boss on this playthrough yet so I don't know :(
    I love those games now.
    I got the trilogy disk a while back, and I just beat MP1 a couple days ago.
    I was missing one health capsule, but I had 93% scans.
    I enabled fusion suit (AWESOME :0) and im playing through on Veteran.
    Also playing MP2.
    Torvus Bog=bad
    ;) I actually feel bad for mocking S.P.'s grammar; I don't think he even speaks English as a first language, and for the most part his grammar's pretty good.
    You can use GIFs in your signature, you just have to use image tags and get it off of the internet
    I am indeed, good sir, acquainted with the noble and most entertaining concept of a parody. The acclimation that the text in your signature is a parody is questionable, possibly due to that fact that some users (including myself) were not able discern which side of the longwinded and impassive "Battle of the 1337 5peek" you were showing your distaste for.
    I recommend that you set aside some time to reword your signature, in order to make it more clear as to which side you believe to be correct.
    Uhh an IQ below 100 is considered below average...
    Leet speak is annoying and no one loves it.
    Just a quick update.
    Not abandoned, but kinda on hiatus; which kinda is the same thing except I might finish stuff on hiatus :x I actually only have to go back and write a chapter I skipped over, and also fix some stuff. I can do that for the first five chapters at least, and put them up on my website.

    Also, thank you. Always nice to know someone likes my stuff.
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