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    I need help installing CS/NX on my RPi

    there was a typo somewhere in there so i am having trouble understanding your post. I don't english well
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    [GUIDE]Running CaveStory on Android

    You can also download the MD/Genesis port and use a genesis emulator. It takes up way less space. It is a work in progress tho. https://github.com/andwn/cave-story-md/releases
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    How did your first playthrough go?

    I first played it on my Lakka PC in Feburay of 2018 and I got stuck on Monster X. 6 months later I bought CS+ for Switch and me and my friend beat it on easy co-op from 4:30pm-2:30am. I don't know if it was the sleep deprivation but I cried for 20 minutes when Curly died. Edit: we listened to...
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    I need help installing CS/NX on my RPi

    So, I am really stupid. I have gone to every forum and I can't get any help. I understand some stuff but then they say cmake and I just get lost. I am running rpi 3 with raspbian.