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    Affected posts are by Brite / Dr. Minty Fresh / HeCooksPattiesAndSellsThe / Catalystl / ilikebreadtoomuch / Draco / minecraftstorymodefan / Extra Life / darkruler9229

    Affected posts are in threads Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread / CS ~ Encore / game opens in 1080, occupies only the top left corner / Friday Night Funkin' / Bluebot Requisition - DEMO / Show us your desktop / Cave Story Season 2 / gacha cave story pics / Cave Story with XBRZ filter / Project Ampersand

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  • The name seems fitting, doesn't it?
    Came back from the dead *twice*, though, not just the once.
    "im gonna go on this forum lots" -Quote 2.0 "im gonna go on this forums lots again" -Lazarus, 2015 "jesus christ how do i keep forgetting about this" -Lazarus, 2016
    i havent been on for a while what the hell is this did somebody spill shoe polish all over the forums
    Must have been some powerful polish.
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