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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C thread

    good god. just thinking of those rooms still give me the chills. when i got to that point in the game, i was just like, F*** THIS!! Having a new Zelda game isnt worth the nightmares that were the PW dungeons. good to know that you wont be making the same design choices as Euclid for the dungeons...
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    Forum Redesign

    I'm reading your signature and I'd really prefer it if you didn't show so much hateful attitude toward administrator decisions. We are spending a lot of time to make these forums have all kinds of new features and improving the look and feel of the entire place. If you have a problem with...
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    The random ideas topic of doom

    boredom and will probably not use it, so should I upload it here in case anyone might want it, or did you intend this thread to be limited to only ideas and suggestions? It could be beneficial to create another thread for sharing real content in order to avoid this one turning into something of...