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    Chzo Mythos

    Yeah I've played through the series, had lots of fun, but was too afraid to finish the second one, so I let a friend do it for me.
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    When will Cave Story DS be released in Europe?

    Wow, looks like they delayed it even further? Now it says that the release date will be Q2 2012.. That means it will be released by June atleast.
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    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    I am interested. So yea.. got cave story + on steam.
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    Recommend a game that you like that no one else seem to play

    Well, uh. Hostile Waters?
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    Wallet Soup

    Wallet Soup
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    Curly's Past

    Other than that, a nice mod. I really hope more will be added soon. In a scale I would give it 8/10.
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    Curly's Past

    No, I mean the map system at that area is bugged. Also, I just passed the mod.
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    Curly's Past

    There's most likely a way to make bold text, yea. But anyway, I got past grass hills. Year 3 now. EDIT: The Sunken City's map doesn't work.
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    Curly's Past

    Yeah ok, I just didn't feel like playing after I got past "Fortress" and then found out I have to go back and through the "Fortress" again. And then I died. Yeah I could handle the 30+ Basils at once but this? No.
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    Curly's Past

    Ok, some things I should probably note.
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    Curly's Past

    You guys need testers?
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    Curly's Past

    Let's just go with the fact that I'm talking to everyone. I'm happy in any case.
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    Curly's Past

    Deadline? Oh, and don't forget to post news about the mod in the first post. Helps alot.
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    What's your favourite colour?

    I prefer black or blue pants, and any shirt colour.