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  • I doubt it, and either way a couple of people fabricating their scores will hardly skew the results. The important part is that you feel you'll enjoy yourself.
    Because that would be really weak and sad? This isn't a super-official gayming tournament, and forcing everyone to show proof would really cut down on the participation. In your case, it's only something you need to worry about if you're intending on cheating ;)
    I explained that in the thread:
    DoubleThink;129456 said:
    You don't need to record, as scores are submitted on an honour-based system, and you can submit as many scores as you want. I typically submit about four a week! You can read through the score thread from week 1 last year that I posted in the OP to get an idea of how it works.
    I like to submit a screenshot with my final/best score of the week, but it's not required.
    Hey uh quick catch-up regarding the smoop tourney, are you still interested or not? You aren't required to play every week, and I would like to get the team finalised soonish.[/doublepasta]
    There's this person named andwhy yeah she can be really helpfull. Just leave a visitor message requesting it and next time she pops up she will do it. I left a message in the night and next morning i was renamed. Of course dont forget to leave the name you want to be renamed to.
    Yea about that. You see when i was entering my username here i wanted to fit in with the cs theme rather then using my main usrname Omega the echidna. So while reading fanfics i found that name and thought it would work.
    I just realised I posted on my own wall. xD Nub mistake...haha. Well anyway here is the response to the post you sent a few days ago...
    It seems a nice forum :D Thanks for the offer. I probably will need help so I will let you know!
    Thanks, and I must say that you did a great job too.
    What do you use to make songs?
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