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  • have you got the links for the cave story wii OST, i really want to listen top it :/
    Excellent, everything worked. It's nice to know what I'm playing without having to guess. I'm a bit disappointed that White is not included, but I suppose I should expect that.

    Anyway, thanks a lot. And I'm glad that you're happy to know that I'm using your beta patch; I'm happy that you made it!
    Ah, thank you! That helps a lot, I probably never would have found that otherwise. XD; Also, do you know if there's a patch for the ORG Viewer for the non-beta music?

    By the way, the patch is great. I'm psyched that I can now actually know what songs I'm listening to.
    Hey, quick question. I'm new here and tried using search, but I couldn't find an answer to my question:

    I downloaded the Doukutsu BGM for the beta here (http://www.cavestory.org/downloads_3.php) and it has a patch that was (apparently) made by you. Unfortunately, I couldn't really figure out how to apply the patch. Apologies if this is a rather ridiculous question, but do you think you can help me out? XD;
    No. For that you can download Version 0.3B. Andwhyisit shouldn't put it on the Tribute Site in the first place. He should put a link to the thread there.
    Honestly I never downloaded that D: I'm not much for just basic edits. Sorry D: Maybe ask Jay City (he should pop online eventually), or someone else who said that they played the original.
    Naturally, he'll eventually snap. When he's being nice, it's usually not a good sign. He could possibly be attracted to you. It's happened in the past.

    But his social tendencies will eventually surface and he'll go batshit.
    How often do you actually talk to Jacob? We used to talk a lot until he wouldn't leave me alone. Then he got mad and said that I wouldn't leave him alone. Now he's just horrible in general. It's just around me, since I tend to rob him of everything he holds dear, but I see him do it to other people a lot, too.
    But he's terrible on the IRC. He doesn't even read people's messages. He just talks. Often to himself.
    Well, I mean that it doesn't have enough people so that it could be rowdy and still maintain some form of order.
    It doesn't have enough people to be rowdy. I mean, it's basically spiraling into the abyss.
    I didn't even do anything. I had like five posts, too. I think they were all deleted during my constant bans anyway. Even if they weren't, they're gone now.
    But registration is closed and there's only like four of you.

    I used to have an account but one of Jacob's friend got mad because he wouldn't stop being a dick to me. Basically, he raged and deleted my account, after like the fifth consecutive ban of my account. None of the bans really involved me. Actually, most of it was just his friend.
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