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  • Posting simply "lol" as a reply is the equivelent of putting "." as a reply. Neither of them contribute to the conversation by any stretch of the imagination, and both are generally tacked on to the end of a sentence pointlessly.

    tl;dr Put more substance in your posts
    I only ask that you follow common sense. According to the forum rules, one-liners like 'lol' and such are against the rules. Making four separate posts when they could have easily been put onto one just doesn't make sense (We do have an edit button).

    I'm just trying to make sure that you know how things work here so you don't go getting the entire forum angry at you. I'm not trying to make you 'not post'.
    how is lol not alowed it was funny?

    and i had the first three sets on completely different pages so i did them one by one, is that crime?

    God i just won't post if everythings a crime.
    And then you kept doing it! Four posts in a row in the "recommend freeware games"?
    "lol" in the Pixel thread?

    Artificially inflating your post count is not cool here.
    The "Can't set an avatar" thread where you posted a large empty post, which I subsequently removed.
    Don't spam like that, it's retarded. If you do it again there will be consequences.
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