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    Halloween CS+ sprites not working

    Only Quote has his Halloween sprite, everything else doesn't.
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    favourite track?

    I like last battle, cave story and moonsong.
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    How many of you have cave story for the DSI on the DSI?

    I have it, got it recently via homebrewing both my DSI and my 3DS, dumped the DSI ROM off my 3DS did some modifications to the dump and threw it on my SD card so I can play cave story DSI on a DSI.
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    The first question i answered shut up and start the quiz already and got it wrong, that's plain cheap. The Itoh question both of the answers were right, but you said that only the second one is right
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    Neither do i.
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    They only appear in this glitched time attack mode, i just started a new game and grabbed one there were no equals signs.
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    no i don't know why it has equals signs
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    I got 1 3 5 12 15 and 16 wrong, i call foul for the first one and the itoh reaction one though.
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    Sanctuary time attack is broken:
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    What happened in your FIRST hell run ?

    I died 30 times on the falling block and didn't know about the heart trick so i used my life pot, got killed by heavy press's laser and about 40 attempts later i got to ballos with 5 hp and no life pot, got destroyed instantly.
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    Favorite and Least Favorite Boss Battles?

    My favorite boss is ballos, it's so hectic and chaotic on the 4th phase. My least favorite is the core, the white orbs do too much damage and you can drown.
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    How did your first playthrough go?

    No i played the game slightly spoiled and knew about the spur from that, when i fell down in the labyrinth and booster died i died on the core,then i tried to make the jump without falling to see if i could and succeeded, just to die on the core again so i made the jump again and tried to see if...
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    If you go into the sacred grounds with the nikumaru counter, die and than choose "no", and then enter the sacred grounds again the nikumaru counter doesn't reset.
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    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    The door, the spikes in the first cave which i didn't see, boosting into lava like an idiot, fighting the undead core without focusing on misery, and monster x running me over.
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    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    I played alot of modded terraria and found the composer for a specific mod's soundtrack, found his cave story remixes that sounded awesome, googled cave story and instantly fell in love with it.