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  • There's something called an edit button...
    this is just today, and this isn't the only thread you've done this in, ask anyone.
    Just today, quite a few times.

    "Well, fine, if so many people just really don't like me as much as you ( and Lowell) say, I suppose i'll just leave.
    I've been playing more TF2 than going on here anyways. Is there anyway to just delete yourself from the fourms?
    ( blame yourself there instead of feeling sorry for me, i mean sieriously, you kind of had a 'no body loves you ' additude there."

    Totally off topic...


    Oh, and you forgot to rate me."

    You didn't rate the person above you, either. (who was not woodenrat, it was ragnarog, who snuck in before you posted)

    "Offtopic, I think i'm sill a little dissapointed from the above posts. scary."
    It seems like you don't even take the time to read what people are tellin you.
    "Don't post on an age old thread, don't go off topic"
    But i guess that doesn't seem to apply to you, now does it?
    You'd rather just say and do whatever, because you're you, and your more interested
    in people knowing what you think than actually reading what others think.
    Not paying people a piece of mind and just assuming they're just no-lifing around with posts on here is what i was getting at.

    Never said you did call someone a no-lifer, but sometimes what you don't say in words, but in actions speaks way louder.
    Rather than keep going off topic, I'm replying here.
    It's not about no one liking you, it's that you're doin it to yourself by prettymuch ignoring what everyone's been tellin you to stop doing.

    Your interests matter too, but so does everyone else's. If you want people to care about what you have to say, acknowledge that they're people too, not just no-lifers.
    I don't know, DOTA has nothing to do with Warcraft or its lore or anything Blizzard owns. It's a fan-made mod of WC3, and has become its own unique thing with Heroes of Newerth and all the other little standalones popping up. Yeah, you can still plainly see the Warcraft elements even when you play those standalone games, but it doesn't really feel like a Warcraft ripoff.

    Of course, Blizzard very well may have been trying to pay homage to Warhammer rather than "rip it off" from the get-go. Wasn't the original Warcraft planned to be a Warhammer game for the PC, anyway? Then it's only natural they tap into a sci-fi setting to pay homage to 40k, in their own way. Maybe it does sound like a rip, maybe you have reasons to be pissed at Blizzard, but I wouldn't be so upset over it. Rather than hating on it, you could play Starcraft and look at it somewhat like reading a Sherlock Holmes book written after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle passed away, though for all I know the guys who made up Warhammer are still around it's still a logical way to look at it I believe.
    I know about Dawn of War, but I mean, isn't Starcraft still considered the most popular/best RTS of all time by, like, everyone? And Starcraft tournaments are like the biggest video game competitions in the world? And SCII's about to come out and reiterate all that I guess?

    I mean, I'm not saying 40k sucks, but if you're going to bash ripoffs, bash things that aren't insanely successful and well-loved by an absolutely monstrous amount of people, y'know?
    hi, I saw your comment about starcraft on noxid's profile
    saying it's a ripoff of war40k is like saying every work of medieval fantasy fiction in any form is a ripoff of tolkien

    even if it's technically true it is silly to say such a thing about one of the best games in the world. now let us rock out thusly

    oh! and feel free to pm me or anything if you want writing tips I guess, since I offered in that one thread. though I don't know if I'm totally correct about all forms of literature I like to think I'm pretty good at it.
    Oh yes, and halo is just a cheap knockoff of wolfenstein 3d, and runescape is a cheap knockoff of wow, and cave story is a knockoff of metroid and every goddamned game is a goddamned knockoff of games that came before it.
    Infallible logic, man, absolutely infallible.
    Ah, well I've never played either of those games myself.. But I've heard of them of course, since they're both immensely popular.
    Can you stop calling starcraft a knockofff of warhammer 40k?
    It's jerkish and immature.
    I exxagerated, but only to prove a point. Now that you've counted them up, you know you do that more than anyone else.
    What annoys a lot of people, is that not only are you bumping a lot of old or dead threads, sometimes you just go "REVIVAL POST LULZERZ!!!". If you're going to bump a thread you should at least add something important to it.
    I'm not going to count how many times you've done it, I don't need to. I'm not trying to attack you, I'm just trying to give you a heads-up here.
    This is true.
    This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in 26 seconds.
    Wasn't me that said it was most of em, t'was somebody else.
    I still reserve the right to disapprove though.
    Bro, please. Enough with the bumping. For the good of mankind.
    Unless you actually have something to contribute, then it's ok, but still not too much.
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