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  • You ask for respect when you ask for me to 'not be a douchebag'. I give you what you give us.
    I do not threat you, I am merely warning you. You could make a lot more friends if you wouldn't act this way.
    And you can care, and you can not care. It doesn't matter.
    I don't even care.
    Things will just work out differently than you expect.
    Goodnight to you.
    You detect anger where there is none, child, and fail to notice the real stuff.
    Now, you can do whatever you want, like I said it's up to you. But stop acting like you're entitled to a buttload of respect that you haven't earned. You're barely a newb here. You must show respect before you earn it.
    Have all the fun you want, as long as you can anyways...
    Linvil James Risner, stop being such a dickwad before you get banned.
    You have already told a moderator to "stop pussyfooting and GTFO" and managed to get the calmest and most levelheaded user to call you a douche.
    Is there no end to your jackassery?
    Honestly, you only seem to be the one being a 'douche' around here, you're already angering several senior members. If you want to be treated right, then don't be such an ass in the first place. You're doing poorly so far.
    I provoke nothing, and merely give you warnings. How you choose to receive them is of your own free will.
    Read 'Spam & Off-Topic Discussion', please.
    3. Posts where the user simply states a one liner that is along the lines of "Cool, I'll have to try that!" or "Whoa! That’s what I did!!" These kind of one liner posts do not offer much, if anything to the discussion or topic at hand. If you would want to mention something like this as in the case of complimenting someone on something or suggesting that something is interesting to try, by all means feel free to do that. However, please include this in a post that has more meat on it rather than a simple one liner. One liners are much too bare to be welcome.
    It is against the rules. Trying to help you here.
    If you wish to take the advice or not, it is your choice.
    The results are also yours, so choose carefully...
    Seriously... stop with the useless one-word/phrase posts that add nothing to a thread, specially when you end up bumping things because of it...
    Not only will you make yourself seem like an annoyance to others, it's technically against the rules; so I suggest avoiding it...
    The bumping itself really isn't that bad, but simply going "Yeah!" or "Looking good!" or "I maybe might possibly could do this, maybe." should be replaced with something a lot more filling.
    Well seeing as I have nothing to say other than to evaluate your character based on how you react to my inane ramblings, I suppose I'm done.
    If you expect everyone to be nice to you, then maybe, just maybe, you should show a little kindness and respect to people you meet.
    Just a little tip from me to you.
    Not many people here know my name.
    I am requesting that you stop telling everyone.

    Love, Cultr1.
    Lern2visitor message again, goob.
    you have to click the "view conversation" button so you aren't posting on your own profile like a dumbass.
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