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    We still here

    Hi again! I'm going to post several replies now, this time without typing names of people. You know who you all are. :) The flowers bounce because there's a constant flow of wind in Hyrule. Or maybe they're dancing, like the plants in SMB3. Although I like the flowers' movement, I'm...
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    We still here

    Hi again! It's beyond bedtime, but I wanted to write that I've made great progress since my last post. I haven't been writing to the diary because my web page is stored locally on the old computer, as is the FTP client with my credentials. With my next entry, there will be screenshots...
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    We still here

    A long, long time ago, in a city far away, the Zelda3C project was conceived. It began less than a decade ago as research after the success of ZeldaC ~ Outlands, well before the advent of the editor, Hyrule Magic. ZeldaC took an entire year, and I knew Zelda3C would take at least three times...
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    gm, that dam looks bleeping AMAZING!!

    I'm glad you guys like the dam. It was so hard to find a way to draw it that would actually look good. I almost ditched the design in favor of a simpler dam, without curved edges, just to move on. I'm glad I stuck with it. Now I'm working on additional graphics required for this area. They...
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    Reshaper256's Thread of Stuff Going

    How long HAVE I been working on Zelda3C? Looking back at my diary entries, the first post was in June 2002. That's over six years ago, and I know I got started sometime in 2001 when Hyrule Magic first came out. But there's definitely not seven years of progress -- it wouldn't take seven years...
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    brainstorming thread until next update

    Hi everyone! I've been keeping up with thread messages as they appear in my email, but my forum password had been tucked away and forgotten. I finally took the time to find it so I can reply to a few things. :) There have been lots of good ideas in this thread, especially concerning friendly...
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    New Sprites Discussion

    Great brainstorming! At first I was going to write that the story doesn't have a natural point where another character could be controllable -- but I just realized that it does. I can't reveal this idea, but I've typed a full page on how everything should work. I'll announce whether or not it...
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    Opening Zoom

    Thanks, Euclid! Both these issues were really getting to me, and you've even thrown in the room numbers for the opening! The one that isn't labeled -- that must represent the throne room, right?
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    New Sprites Discussion

    This is a great idea. :) In fact, it could be used in other parts of the game, when Zelda is following you temporarily. She would need to stay close behind Link and not change positions -- too much AI required -- but she could automatically fire at nearby enemies. I don't think her firing the...
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    A game so good, the laptop can't handle it.

    As you may have read in the latest update, my laptop is fixed now! All it took was replacing the hard drive. ($$$, whew) Things are finally getting back to normal. :) Congrats to you too, darkprince909, for a similar achievement. No more taking the computer for granted, right..? Looking...
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    New Sprites Discussion

    Eggz -- I like the idea of having a cameo sprite that shows up throughout the game. It reminds me of Sheik in OoT, which could've been used as a gameplay mechanic. Further, I have the perfect character for this role; I think if I plan it right, the story will be more rich as a result. I don't...
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    suggestions/constructive criticism

    I think I might have 'one' tile free for town graphics; I'd need at least one more. If I did place a bucket on the ground, it would be like a wall to Link -- he couldn't kick it or move it any more than he could a fence post. And like I said before, Link's head "passed through" the hanging...
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    New Sprites Discussion

    I'm glad you're excited -- now you know how we've been feeling lately. ;) I believe that it's possible to have sprites assisting Link -- after all, look how bees behave when you release one from a bottle... We need to learn more about the sprites that already follow Link around, such as Zelda...
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    New Sprites Discussion

    Here are some additional thoughts to go with Reshaper256's great response: "-By the way how complicated AI is possible without going beyond the snes cpu spec. Did i see 8 enemies on screen without slowdown on the last video, how is that possible. Is it because they are one layer sprites?."...
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    Question/suggestions about the Challenge/difficulty level.

    The way I see it, we didn't come this far just to stop short of the game's potential. The design and overall structure isn't harmed at all -- I can just use better sprites instead of what's available in the original. Wherever there should be wizzrobes, there will be better wizzrobes. Wherever...