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  • Hello there. I would just like to thank you for the feedback you gave me on my mod which has helped it reach the final release! Your contribution of pionting out Quote's lack of tow rope in hell and pointing out that it still said "Connected you body to hers with the Tow Rope,". Your feedback has sped up the debugging of my mod. Thank you!
    You are a great example of how a user SHOULD be. not these little kids going "WAHH WAHH HOW D0 1 JUMP?!" You make great posts,you know what your talking about,and when you mess up you dont just go back and edit the post. you admit that you were wrong,and then you edit. you sir,are one of the best users i have seen yet. also,your sig is cute.
    Oh hahahah I remember where that Vulpix's avatar came from! XD

    "Plugins... WHERE?!" X33
    The forum uses both dark and light skins, so any colour other than default is bound to be hard to see on one or the other. An unfortunate consequence of being able to choose..
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