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  • Yes that's true. I'm sorry Billy, but we can't be part of this anymore. We wish to bring back the past where there won't be anymore troubles and situations. Don't take it personally.
    Drunken Applesauce said:
    I am currently balancing a copy of EarthBound on my head while playing Contra on the hardest difficulty without the Konami code while standing tippy-toed on the mast of the titanic which i have lifted from the bottom of the ocean from beneath myself and am therefore flying.

    possibly the coolest thing anyone has said ever.
    It's odd that Fire hasn't added you as a friend here yet.
    Oh! Also, try to refrain from calling him Jacob, as we used to have a very well-known JacobX891 here, and some people miss him. Not Fire and I, though.
    Also, this is a family-oriented forum, so only talk about sex when the mods aren't around and only swear when it's funny.

    P.S. Whyme is a whiny attention whore that you will learn to hate.
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