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  • <p class='citation'>Quote</p><div class="blockquote"><div class='quote'>hey, im not bein mean to everyone just you and the other people that piss me off</div></div> I piss you off? :0
    Honestly, to onlookers, it really doesn't matter who you were getting mad at, what they take away from the experience is that you are a person who will blindly rage at anyone who so much as looks at you funny.

    And that's probably for the better, that you don't care, because no one else does either.
    You'll probably try to fit back in, and it may work to a degree, but ultimately everyone will be hesitant to talk to you. You'll eventually leave, another user immediately here to take your place. Which is pretty sad, if you think about it.
    Well, that's enough talking to you for one lifetime.
    See you later Dash, perhaps we could've been friendlier if you had gotten off on the right foot.
    See? There's your problem right there.
    You overreacted from the get-go, you blew up with little provocation. And as a result, you yelled at erryone on the forums. That was completely your fault, no on else's. Aren't you glad you did it? Aren't you really happy to know that because of one little comment that set you off, the entirety of the forums will forever hesitate to befriend you?
    You have swiftly killed your reputation here, Dash, there is little left for you here besides getting laughed at.

    I feel sorry for you.
    You can hate me forever, that's fine, just please for Christ's sake be nice to everyone else, they didn't even do anything to you until you started raging for no reason.
    Why would I treat you with the respect you have yet to give to a single deserving member? Do you honestly think I'm antagonizing you because I enjoy it? No! I'm being an asshole (one word, asshole, by the way) because from the moment you stepped into the forums you went strutting around treating everyone like shit!
    I will never respect you as a person who deserves anything but condescension and disdain until you can be polite to everyone else.
    Until then, you may as well not exist.
    Oh, I'm sorry.
    Am I causing you trouble?
    Just tell me what words were too big, and mommy will translate them to words even Dash360 could understand, okay?

    Which words were too hard for little Dash, hmm?
    Intend? Blithering? Conversation?
    I'll try my best to work with your handicap >:
    If you wish to continue writing on your own profile, well that's no skin off my nose. However, this conversation we're having will end rather quickly, as I do not intend to continue reading your little notes to yourself on your own wall.
    Oh and another thing:
    I'm not actually notified when you post something on your own profile when it's directed at me; it takes me a while to work out the mistake you've made, and it makes you look like a blithering idiot all the while!
    Win-win for me, I suppose.

    See that little button labelled "View Conversation?" it's in the bottom corner of all the messages here that aren't yours.
    Click those, and resume slamming the keyboard with your face (or however you come up with such trite, yet horribly misspelled insults) in the text box at the top
    That should smooth things out significantly, albeit make things less amusing for me.
    Oh, come now, another post in the Avatar rating thread?
    And you didn't even make a fool of yourself, how disappointing.
    You may have betrayed my expectations this time, Dash360, but be warned. The next time you start regurgitating insults, I'll be there with pen and paper; derpy will be crammed with your nonsense and aggregious spelling by the end of the week!

    All my love,

    P.S. I'm actually not a girl, but I'm flattered nonetheless.
    Oh, don't get me wrong, I love it.
    In fact, we have plenty of nice threads here, why don't you go muck another one up for my amusement?
    It'll be like a little game!
    so youre just gonna copy? well i guess a little pussy like you cant think of anything else
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