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    Who else has a habit of starting another project before finishing your others?

    *Raises hand* Oh man, you have no idea, I even have a couple lately that I just didn't start because I thought about how my projects go and I just decided to hold off. You know me, I'm the Big Idea Man. I have too many hobbies, like I've tried music, drawing, animation, 3D animation...
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    The Vocaroo game

    I then proceeded to put way to much effort into the game:
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Hey guys just stoppin' by to say ...that... this. watch?v=7UH79vlPgZw
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Here's some nice I don't even really know what. watch?v=1dnIMDpVBfI @Enlightened one: That Hitler video... That wan a goddamn eye-opener. I know what I need to do now.
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    watch?v=0nOGy52xygY sorry if that's too mainstream for you • _______________________________ • watch?v=kiZcdj2pIxM A great comment on this video:
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    Kitten Battle Dungeon

    You clearly have no scope of how difficult that would be to just add on...
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    Kitten Battle Dungeon

    Yeah this art still looks effing amazing.
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    The "No Shitposting" Game

    5. You are a hypocrite as soon as you try to win. Uh oh, I'm getting nostialgic, get ready for a long damn post. I vaguely remember when I was real small I had a little toy set with plastic cowboys and indians, and walls you could link together to make a cowboy fort. Then you could pretend...
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    Quality cartoons

    Oh hey I remember Science Court, they were funny. I liked the one about gravity. Someone tracked down where they got the song clip for the Arthur episode "Binky Rules". You never really hear a whole song, just 10 seconds or so, so they just took this random clip and looped it. And so, I...
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    lVgbHG5RiII Not only does this happen at every concert, but apparently they've been adding to it every tour.
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Yay! I was inspired to make nightmare fuel! :D
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    The worst restaurant you've ever eaten in

    I used to eat at McDonalds from time to time for some reason. :L
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    Gaming Letdowns

    Can I just post an entire game? I got this, used, from GameStop, for ten f***ing dollars. And I don't even want to try and sell it because I feel bad for whoever buys it from me.
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    Noxid's Monthly Game Challenge - Scores Galore(s)!

    That's kind of what we're looking for isn't it? Or at least games where we can chase points. –Learn how to play it -Click "Minigames" -Get scores -??? -...