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  • I didn't even bother friending him, I like my head attached to my shoulders :p
    Ugh <ANP is soooo boring
    Eh, I don't know about that. Fire seems to have a quest for mine (everyone's?) head(s?)...
    good deal. Yeah when I saw nameisnotname's friend list I kind of exploded. Geez 35 friends? I have trouble naming 35 people who use these forums :rolleyes:
    I wholeheartedly agree.

    Although it's getting harder to find the episodes online anymore. I might just get a torrent so that I can get them on my ipod too.
    Yes. Most likely since that Cat appears in the first episode.

    I hope you didn't watch the english dub though. I don't care much for the dub. :/
    I don't even know if "randomness" justly describes the obscurity and insanity of that show.

    It his hilarious though :p
    I think you should explain the sequence with CDQ to them, since seeing that instruction will probably mess a lot of people up.

    For ex.....
    mov eax, X
    mov ecx, Y
    IDIV ecx
    mov Z, eax

    So this would move X into register eax, then extend eax into edx to make it a quadword(edx:eax). Then it would move Y into register ecx, and divide edx:eax by ecx (aka X by Y). Then it would store the result in Z.

    Oh and here is the wiki definition of what CDQ does.
    Sign-extends EAX into EDX, forming the quad-word EDX:EAX. Since (I)DIV uses EDX:EAX as its input, CDQ must be called after setting EAX if EDX is not manually initialized (as in 64/32 division) before (I)DIV.

    But IDIV is hard to use without providing a specific example.
    You should tell them how to use IDIV, since it's useful.

    Plus it's rather complicated, and hard to grasp without a good explanation.
    I second this, I'm just reading through the guide right now, and things are already sparking ideas in my head!
    Excellent, excellent. Ah, how I do love that word, compendium. hehe.
    Experimentation is an excellent way to get started, if I do say so myself. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask. There's a slight chance that I may actually even be able to help.
    You have the big ol' thing of assembly yeah?
    I can't remember if I pointed it out to you yet...
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