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  • You could always write it in someplace that won't be reached by the TSC parser, such as after an <END command
    Cool. The nice thing about practice is, regardless of whether you do it well, it's going to make you better eventually :]
    I think the profile.dat setup is only made to hold as many items as Cave Story uses
    You're best to just reuse originals if you need new items.
    123456? Where do you see those numbers?
    I think you might be reading it wrong.
    Yeah that's exactly what it does.

    You don't have to use it all the time. Just use it if OllyDbg is giving you problems or doesn't want to save.
    bobbyis;131235 said:
    Shoot. And what I'm worried about is, I'm gonna have to do this over and over, because with my luck the problem will continue to come up. And due to the stupid filter my mom put on my computer, I can't even check the link. What hex editor should I use, and how do I do it?

    Alrighty - I'm trying to move this discussion to Visitor Messages so that we don't clog the thread with Q & A.

    Back to business. You don't need a hex editor. I have a special program called the Doukutsu Assembler that should be able to do the job of inserting the code for you.

    1. Download this: http://www.mediafire.com/?0azhus515z6rjmc
    2. Unzip the folder.
    3. Double-click on the file "Doukutsu Assembler.jar" inside that folder. It is a Java program. Let me know if the file doesn't open.
    4. Inside the Doukutsu Assembler, click on the Settings Tab. Then click the "Browse" button and find your game executable (pretend you're opening a mod in CaveEditor).
    5. Now click on the Multi-File Assemble Tab and hit the "Direct Assemble" button. Don't edit the textbox.
    6. Run the game. Did it work? If not, try this same method on a clean copy of Cave Story.

    After that - try to use <BBP as a command (use CaveEditor to edit the scripts or something). Does it work or not?
    I'm afraid 0/0 does not equal 1 ):
    despite the fact the numerator and denominator are equivalent.

    But I like it all the same :3
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