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    Cave Story FanArt

    I love this artwork a lot. I really enjoy people's interpretations of cave story's locations in art especially when it adds depth and background scenery to it, I like the atmosphere of it too
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    aqua make more cave story mod plz

    aqua make more cave story mod plz
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    it also makes it so that you can use tilesets bigger than 256x256 as a side effect of the tile code rewrite i think
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I'm a bit late to this, but there is actually a DLL inject for Layers mode that got released in the Cave Story Modding Discord server a little while back, by Periwinkle Layers mode is not a freeware feature...
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    I finally beaten Cave Story +'s good ending, without jenka's bottle, in a few days after getting the game.

    if you want more Cave Story I recommend taking a look at Cave Story mods, both here on the forums in the Showcase section or on
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    Why did freeware ver. cavestory run at 50tps?

    If I recall it was originally 60fps for the majority of the game's development, but lowered to 50 for compatibility on computers from certain regions
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    CASCADE - Modfest 31 WINNER

    As of today, it has been 1 YEAR since the release of Cascade. I was intending on releasing an update today, but due to delays (mostly procrastination) I will be releasing it a bit later. This will fix a few minor mistakes I made when working on it as well as other polishing, extra details, and...
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    Cave Story GB Port

    this is more of a beta demake in gameboy than a cave story gb port at this point ngl pretty nice work so far though, i remember this thread did inspire me to attempt to recreate the title screen of cave story in gb studio a couple months ago actually, but it had seemed that there wasn't anything...
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    every cave story multiplayer

    Ah, I see, I don't know much about CSMP admittedly but I thought I had heard from somewhere that it was a complete remake, thanks for correcting me
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    Fun fact about CS3D

    That's really interesting!!! I already knew CS3d was basically just freeware with a 3d coat of paint but I hadn't heard of this fallback until now. May I ask if the 2d tilesprites are still in a 3D space? is there camera movement, it looks slightly zoomed in on the right screenshot in the OP...
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    every cave story multiplayer

    Cave Story Multiplayer isn't CSE2. I believe it used the source code as reference when recreating it but it was otherwise 100% recreated from the ground up does doukutsu-rs really have multiplayer support?? I forgot
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    PiyoPiyo waves to Organya

    Interesting!! I like to use orgmaker waveforms in my music, is there any way for me to convert this data into raw .wav samples (like the org samples pxtone comes with)? I've been thinking about using piyopiyo waveforms too for a while
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    hello : P i like how old internet your website is lol

    hello : P i like how old internet your website is lol
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    Cave Story Beta Song Names?

    if you got that translation from the TCRF, I actually added that, it was based on a txt file I got from the Pixel Cut Content server that contained translations for all of the track names across all orgview versions (attached) for convenience, pasted here: