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    Cave story: Bad ending (ideas and development)

    I'm thinkin' of trying it. I have a mod to finish, but I might try it anyway. This is A Gamer's Mom speaking. He will not be here, wasting your time. He's on sabbatical until I see he's responsible enough to use the forum wisely. I apologize for him, and from him, to all of you. Good day...
  2. A Gamer

    Cave Story: Glass Cannon

    Uh, no. You get a hell load of items a the start of the game, but you only have 1 health for the entire game. It's called "glass cannon mode" because you get so much firepower, but you die easily unless you can dodge like a freakin' ninja.
  3. A Gamer

    Insert X, Receive Y

    you get an idiot who doesn't even know what the hell an 'earthbound reference' is I insert Seljuk (who ever it/he/she is, i dunno. i type in random letters, spell check, and get Seljuk)
  4. A Gamer

    Insert X, Receive Y

    you get a cheese pizza (ha ha, its overcooked) i insert x
  5. A Gamer

    What Would You Do To The Person Above You

    As long as that muffin is actually made of lead
  6. A Gamer

    The future of home consoles....

    Man, to me, the thought of home consoles just being banned, or destroyed, or declined, or whatever is as silly as the thought of the apocalypse just around the corner. It's just ridiculous! (just my opinion, so i expect a few people to disagree. just my opinion ;))
  7. A Gamer

    Insert X, Receive Y

    you get Cinderella's lost glass shoe I insert pc
  8. A Gamer

    E3 2013 - Thoughts?

    That's what I never got about video game companies: often times they remove something that was good or add something stupid. It's like they pay ZERO attention to what their fans like/dislike.
  9. A Gamer

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I don't really think so, so just ask your question here.
  10. A Gamer

    What Would You Do To The Person Above You

    rig their car with a bomb nah, i'll tape a "kick me" sign to their rear.
  11. A Gamer

    Pixel Art Collab

    dibs on that purple laser thingy
  12. A Gamer

    Insert X, Receive Y

    you get a freakin' -$1,000,000 I insert bomb
  13. A Gamer

    Igor Corridor (For Fun)

    Really? I thought screenshots went to the ideas and development thread, where people go to if they haven't released a demo yet but want people to know about that mod. This is where people with demos go to. Screenshots do not go here on the first post unless the first post has a question...
  14. A Gamer

    E3 2013 - Thoughts?

    You really should NOT post just a couple words. Rule 9 even states that you should not have a post that only have either a picture with no words or a post with only one or two words. This does not include quoted posts or signatures. But I agree that Wikipedia doesn't always have true facts...
  15. A Gamer

    E3 2013 - Thoughts?

    Uhh, yea. For some reason I always forget to Google stuff. Okay, to be honest, I was feeling lazy there. =P