• There have been a couple of accounts stolen via compromised passwords this week, we will continue trying to fix them as they happen but I would suggest everyone change any basic passwords and check if they've been caught in a data breach, in case it affects any other websites with more sensitive personal information that they may also be on
cult of e
So the Cult of E, eh? Where do I sign up?
actually this was done so I could send this image to friends, but if you want to join you need to play terraria 1.3/ mobile edition. Then I can share the discord link
I was joking (considering this is a joke image, right?)
This is serious, we are a group that meets in terraria 1.3/ mobile edition. WE mostly build and dump lava on people, honestly this group was started as a joke, but we just meet in game and have a fun time. Seriously, if you have mobile terraria, we only have 3 members and are looking for more!
I don't own a copy of the game so I wouldn't be able to join you anyway. Perhaps the Mossmouth community may have people who want to join?

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