ORGasm Beta Testers

Nov 21, 2006 at 6:18 AM
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Kay. So I'm nearly at a point where ORGasm will be functional. All I have to do is add options for song properties and fix up the saving, add in the ability to open ORG files, and I'm there. There's certainly still a lot of feature that should be added and that I'm going to implement, but I'd like some input on what is good, what is bad, etc.

Over Thanksgiving I'm going to be adding all these things in, and once that is done I'm going to then release that version as a beta, and probably slap on a number to accurately describe it, like ORGasm v. 0.5.0 or something, since I haven't made a build with a version number in a while (Before I'd been exporting it to a normal EXE to test how it runs, because for some reason when compiling from VB it runs perfectly fine, but when I actually make the EXE it runs a lot more laggy.)

While I'm doing that I'd like to get an idea of who is going to test it and what I want you to look for. I'm worried mainly right now about actual bugs - I know there are a few bugs in multiple notes appearing, notes being on the same spot, etc. But on my own I can't find the exact circumstances when some of this stuff happens, so I'd like testers to look out for errors and report what they did to replicate the errors.

Also I'd like feedback on how the editor works - I based t off of how Fruity Loops handles the piano roll - right clicking deletes a note, you can stretch notes by dragging the side, and move them as a whole, and the editor will remember the length of the last note and set the next note you lay down to be the same length. Some of these might not work that well because the editor automatically deletes conflicting notes, so laying down a large note and then forgetting to reset note size could delete a good portion of your song, but I'm not really sure.

Performance will also be a question - I've tried it out on my computer and it KINDA lags, and at the computers at my school it lags a lot and gets glitchy. I'd like to know how it deals with the general public. I've manage to cut down on memory usage a lot, but it drains CPU when you're moving notes. I'll be looking into fixing performance last, since functionality is my primary concern, but I want as much info as possible. Anything else you think should be in or out should also be reported.

Basically, who wants to test this?
Nov 21, 2006 at 6:55 AM
Been here way too long...
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I'm totally up for testing this, I've recently gotten into making ORGs for my mod, so I could use this, too. ^^
Nov 21, 2006 at 2:40 PM
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*coughs and turns capslock off* Oh well lol