Koudelka Timed Items debunked!

Aug 8, 2004 at 2:15 AM
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Apparently there IS a way to get the timed items...


For exampled if at 1:11:11 you have 10 items total (accessories, armor etc) and SAVE at 1:11:11 and reload the game, the secret item should be there.
I have yet to try this on the american version of the game. I will try it later tonight when I get home.

Bessy's ring

+3 to intelligence. +7 to pie(that's good!) and +4 to mind
"Ring" A simple silver ring. Engraved with a star to ward off evil spirits.

So the desc seems the same...but the stats are darn good this early into the game!

2nd item.

You need to save and reload at 2:22:22 with 21 items in your inventory (remember, items that "stack" like bullets or potions count as 1 "item" since they take up one line)

Item: Ogden's shirt (ewww)
The desc is the same as a cloth armor (couldn't they give them their own desc at least? yeesh...guess they never thought anyone would find them!)

+6 to Pie, +2 to luck.

3rd item

You need to save and reload at 3:33:33 with 32 items in your inventory.

Item: Cat Foodod (not mis-spelled)
Disappointingly enough, this is just the same thing as dried fish, even the desc. is the same.

4th item

You need to save and reload at 4:44:44 with 43 items in your inventory.

Item: Charlottes Book
Another disappointment. A fire scroll.