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  1. putty

    Custom mimiga discord emojis (sue, itoh, toroko)

    Hey, I edited a few first-gen icons a pretty long time ago and I just realized you guys might appreciate them: Here they are on discord's background, hard to see them on white. (The originals by contrast.) Thanks! Hope you like them! (+: Also, feel free to use them, edit them, whatever...
  2. Balrog with Toroko's face

    Balrog with Toroko's face

    @Extra Life had the idea for this, and I made it into reality. help
  3. TorokoSwap mod preview #1

    TorokoSwap mod preview #1

    Have you ever asked yourself "What if there was a mod where Toroko and Quote switched roles?" If so, then lucky for you, I'm working on one.
  4. S

    NPC Hacking Help!

    Good morrow to all (or afternoon, whatever is your current time). I've been trying to mod the Toroko NPC to take on the form of her ravage state, but so far I've had small luck in doing so. I don't want her to be a boss or anything, I just want her to take on that form while (virtually)...
  5. Toroko_Isnt_Asriel_You_Dumb_4_Year_Olds.png


    I had to get this off of my chest.
  6. Toroko Mukbang

    Toroko Mukbang

    I really don't know what to say about it.
  7. mckgamer

    Toroko's Boss Fight Symbolism?

    I had a thought the other day about why the flowers hurt you in the Toroko Boss Battle and I came up with this theory which makes the saddest scene of the game even sadder and a maybe even a bit epic when you think about it. Toroko throws blocks that suddenly burst into flowers and that doesn't...