1. Raichu

    Microsoft Paint recoloring NPC sprites

    Hello, I am currently mapping the sprites of the soldier Mimiga in Guest.pbm, having used Booster's Lab to convert all the art to bmp, And I started assigning the soldier sprites to Quote's sprites. However, when I reload the image or play the mod, it reduces the amount of colors, basically...
  2. TheSocialDalek

    Would it be possible to slow down the 'Life Capsule' animation.

    Essentially, I just wanted to know if it was possible to slow down the 'Life Capsule' animation. Another question I had was if there was a way to change the "Studio Pixel Presents..." text at the beginning of the game. Please only respond with answers, as I really want to get the answers so that...
  3. EwanGreen4

    Does anyone want to collaborate on a mod?

    So, I have been considering participating in Modcon and have an idea. This mod will be a proof of concept for what the my Modcon entry is meant to be in the future (when it actually starts). On that very note, a lot of things planned require some ASM (I don't know how extensive it will have to...