1. Cosmopolitan


    Practicing one's strut is very serious business, but if you have the attitude for it, you can save a lot of time by doing so in the field, as demonstrated by this Gardevoir. They've clearly got fashion mastered already, which helps!
  2. Total Apex of the Heart

    Total Apex of the Heart

    There's so much classically cute Gardevoir fanart out there that it doesn't take very many spooky elements to make something stand out. This one has a few such elements, and I really like that it balances the tone so as not to make it overbearing. The spiky, bursting horns are a great touch. :D
  3. Unwind


    Forests aren't this peaceful when I have the chance to visit them. I wonder if heading to one in autumn would make the difference, but it's rarely a good idea to rest this way unless you're familiar with the area and sufficiently prepared. Of course, very little is out of reach for a skilled...