1. CoolStuff

    I missed up, big time. (True Ending) (Help Glitch/Save/Hack?)

    Hello, I'm here to be requesting help in Cave Story. I highly doubt there's anyway to fix this, but I'm going to request for help anyway... So, I guess I should explain. Right now in Cave Story, I'm trying to get the true ending, and I'm in the plantation room right now, going down to expecting...
  2. M

    Saves not working...

    Hi, I recently started playing cave story and I haven't been able to save my game. I used the save spots and looked for the Profile.dat but can't find it. Every time I load up the game and choose the load option I always start a new game. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. GlitchMatthew

    Some Save Files

    The Ballos one is modified to make the fight extremely easy, while the other is a legitimate file that I kept after completing the game. I mainly wanted to share my quick and easy Ballos file. It's a folder, so you can just download both at...