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save files

  1. ItsElectra

    Save File not appearing in CS folder

    I have played up to Mimiga Village, and I stopped playing for a bit. Shortly after, I found out how to get NXEngine running, so I did. I want to transfer the save file from the game to NXEngine, so I went to find the save file. It isn't there. I DID remember to save, I can load the game. But I...
  2. GlitchMatthew

    Some Save Files

    The Ballos one is modified to make the fight extremely easy, while the other is a legitimate file that I kept after completing the game. I mainly wanted to share my quick and easy Ballos file. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/r5k2x0b2ndze2/Saves It's a folder, so you can just download both at...