1. TrashboxBobylev

    Doukutsu Randamu (1.44.1)

    The prototype for this thing was created on a weekend for Modfest XVIII. And it won! Each level is 118x118 map with procedurally tile layout, hazards, enemies and treasures. Each time you die, you start over from depth 1. You can encounter life capsules, chests, refill stations as help. To...
  2. Shade of a Wave

    Sonic the Hedgehog ORG Collab

    So after seeing a lot of Sonic ORGs being made recently, I thought, "Hey, we should do a collab where we recreate every classic Sonic song in ORG format, it would be fun" and then this happened. Few guidelines because organization: songs must come from the list of songs below, consisting of...