proof of concept

  1. Mint

    Auto Story

    Oh boy probably the only mod I posted this year and it's a CSBD and waste of time. I probably don't need to explain much, no screenshots needed, and not much explanation required either. So what is this exactly? It's quite simple, it's basically just the game playing itself. That's it, decided...
  2. Mr.MiniMcNinja

    Cave Story Run - A Pseudo 3D Proof of Concept

    After 3 years of thinking about it and roughly 2 days of work, it's here! Cave Story Run is a working proof of concept that creates a pseudo 3D environment for the player to traverse, similarly to the Sonic 2 bonus stages. If reactions are positive I will expand on the concept with more...
  3. EwanGreen4

    Does anyone want to collaborate on a mod?

    So, I have been considering participating in Modcon and have an idea. This mod will be a proof of concept for what the my Modcon entry is meant to be in the future (when it actually starts). On that very note, a lot of things planned require some ASM (I don't know how extensive it will have to...