1. Cosmopolitan


    Practicing one's strut is very serious business, but if you have the attitude for it, you can save a lot of time by doing so in the field, as demonstrated by this Gardevoir. They've clearly got fashion mastered already, which helps!
  2. Soliloquy


    First off, some fun facts about Gardevoir Day! According to this amazingly useful-seeming Japanese wiki ( https://dic.pixiv.net/a/サナたん祭 ), it's an established Pixiv tradition due to Sa/Sir being equal to "3" and Knight being "7" in some punny manner. Thus, March (3) 7th. According to the wiki...
  3. Pondering


    Taking a few artistic opposites from the next pic is this lovely, lineless, charmingly simple portrait that I've probably had in storage for a few thousand years. The flowing, sequential segments of the skirt are particularly pleasing to the eye :>
  4. Level Up!

    Level Up!

    This is a simple picture, like many others I've showcased. The lack of a background only accentuates how wonderfully drawn this Mega Gardevoir is, though :3
  5. Downplay


    This gallery is bursting with simple and really pretty pics like this one. They may be easy to overlook for some, but the longer you admire one the more pronounced its unique traits becomes. :3 ...I suppose that applies to many things, actually.
  6. Elusive Smile

    Elusive Smile

    This is a simple picture, but it's so cute! :3 Also, I love shadylizard's first comment on it. Sums things up pretty well, as far as Gardevoir is concerned ;D
  7. Casual Regalia

    Casual Regalia

    So pretty! nwn I hope that I'm not understating how nicely this picture is drawn, there just isn't much more to say. This Gardevoir's adorable and elegant and that's that. :3