outer wall

  1. OuterWall Warp Glitch

    OuterWall Warp Glitch

    So I booted up my mod because I wanted to show you all a misunderstanding I created (the HP bar), and this happened. It's strange because normally the game's warped me out of the Hub into EggRoom 0. So I test the area and then fall into a pit. It gives the usual "You were never seen again"...
  2. Mack-In-The-Box

    The Littles

    So, I was speedrunning the Outer Wall, and I thought, "It's a shame that getting the Nemisis takes so long, it would be a great weapon for speedrunning." Because, you know, you have to make the jump, and go to the Graveyard, and come back, and make the jump again, and switch weapons, and make...