1. S

    OrgMaker 3 - Updated version of Org2

    I created OrgMaker 3 which is a fork of OrgMaker 2 in which I fixed some bugs and added a few features link:
  2. Jade

    Org2x Custom Drums done the RIGHT way

    Alright listen up I'm gonna tell you how to do the drum stuff without using a hex editor, because fuck, I don't know this shit, so I better just experiment and find a way how to do things, and wow, something popped up in my head and I was like 'Oh yeah pixel made pxtone which has pxnoise which...
  3. Squaggies

    Grand Story (Music Mod) (SiIvaGunner Tribute)

    This is the place where I will be posting the Cave Story x SilvaGunner (previously just 7 Grand Dad) rips. As having them all here just makes seance. Looking for the mod, go here Pick and Choose rips of your choice Access (Created by 2DBro) Gestation Mimiga Town (Created by 2DBro) Plant...
  4. SuperJaws100

    Summer ORGmaking Extravaganza

    Alright, so a while back a ton of people were pestering me for another ORGmaking contest. Well people most people were busy with life (or school, they're separate things). Now that summer is almost here, and school is almost out, more people should be less busy. So, to make up for lost time, I...
  5. Fixer90

    Program similar to OrgMaker2?

    Is there a similar program to OrgMaker1/2? I refer to its ability to make music by "placing" the notes on the measures like it's art. I'm just wondering if there is because I have become pretty versatile with OrgMaker2 and I want to see if there is a similar program that makes less...