1. PokeEngineer

    NXEngine for Raspberry Pi (updated release!)

    Hey, people! I noticed that the downloads for the Raspberry Pi version of NXEngine were broken and the source code for the latest version was missing, so I took some time to rewrite it from scratch. Improvements over the original: Compatible with both the desktop and headless environments...
  2. ItsAutumn

    Raspberry Pi: How to install Cave Story?

    I have a raspberry pi 2, and I was wondering if there was a way to get Cave Story on it. Right now, I have the raspbian OS, if that helps anything. Thanks ahead of time!
  3. yelp

    Possible NXEngine Mods Question

    There's a way to mod NXEngine or something? im really excited for a mod porting to NXEngine for linux & windows Can this is possible? :chin:
  4. LxLe

    3DS Porting

    I just ported a Cave Story Mod, #4 by VB, to the Nintendo 3DS using NXEngine. Sure, it may require loading from a save and has other issues but it runs on 3DS!
  5. N

    Is it possible to run CaveStory+ on NXEngine?

    Been Trying to Run CaveStory + on the Nxengine. Im also using homebrew to use the engine to play cavestory
  6. yoshikirby43

    NXengine/Cavestory on chrome/chormebook tutorial

    (This was done on an arm Samsung Chromebook Samsung (the gray one) but is can be done on any other chrome book)(Edit:This may not work on Chromebook that have X86 if It does tell me please what model it is and i will add it to a doc with compatibility list ) First go to extension page and...