1. BLink

    MODCON 2019 (Cave Story Annual Modding Contest)

    Greeting Critters and Gaudis, and welcome to MODCON 2019! THE place to take your greatest Cave Story mod creations, and claim this years bragging rights, (a small sum of cash) and be crowned champion of this years MODCON!! :momo: Without any haste, here are the rules for this year...
  2. EwanGreen4

    Does anyone want to collaborate on a mod?

    So, I have been considering participating in Modcon and have an idea. This mod will be a proof of concept for what the my Modcon entry is meant to be in the future (when it actually starts). On that very note, a lot of things planned require some ASM (I don't know how extensive it will have to...
  3. FortniteLover2

    Halloween Mini-Modcon (HMM) 2017

    Oh boy another modcon :mahin: VB'S HALLOWEEN MINI-MODCON :debug: nice. This is new. I'm not sure if it'll work or not. Well, I'm making a modding contest. A mini modding contest. Here's the info! Alrighty. Get modding! :pignon2:
  4. zxin

    CSTSFMC2017 - Mod Discussion Thread

    I hope everyone found some enjoyment out of the modding competition. But now, it's time for ... THE CAVE STORY TRIBUTE SITE FORUMS MODCOM 2017 DISCUSSION: End of the Indefinite Deadline Not discussion of the competition itself -- but rather of the mods entered into it, listed below. ENTRY...