1. Diamond Dog Portraits (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Portraits (Pre-Release).png

    Both bosses had dialogue portraits that were changed in the final version of Gun v2 after the boss was redesigned. In the final version, the Diamond Dogs have 4 dialogue portraits. The first 3 for the Diamond Dogs and one for their Fusion Form.
  2. Diamond Dog Yellow (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Yellow (Pre-Release).png

    Much like his fellow Diamond Dog, DD Yellow had a set of sprites which would've implied that both dogs took a lot of damage after Phase 1 hence the wires and broken crystal. They were replaced with much better looking sprites in the final version of Gun v2.
  3. Diamond Dog Red (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Red (Pre-Release).png

    The sprites that were used for Diamond Dog Red before I changed them to be less ugly. Both bosses were supposed to have wires jutting out of their heads with sparks coming out. This was changed because I couldn't make them fit properly (both Diamond Dogs use Balrog's A.I during Phase 2).