1. AlmaHexie


    I won’t lie, I was one of the guy that was kinda hyped for nesmaker. Just the thought of making a game for the nes without "coding"was pretty intriguing. The only problem I see now is that its 36 $ and that make me wonder. Does the backers have to repay it or did they get their activation code...
  2. Fixer90

    Looking for a music dev.

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted something in these forums. How's everyone doing? *COUGH* so I'm looking for someone who would possibly be up to the challenge of developing music for a big indie game I'm making. Whether you use Pxtone, OrgMaker, or PiyoPiyo, anyone who can make decent...
  3. fanifacation

    How to make a cave story game in Gamemaker?

    OK so I want to, as the above describes, make a game similar to cave story in game maker. I'm able to do the art but I have no earthly idea of how to program. So that's where you talented, beautiful, cut above the rest of us mere mortal men come in. Any help or references would be greatly...